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Close the border

Over the past three years more than 11 million illegal immigrants have entered our country...

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Federal Spending/Inflation

stop deficit spending

The federal government is adding $1 trillion to our national debt every 100 days...

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Pursue Abundant Energy Policy

stop crushing cost/environmental destruction

I will pursue a policy of abundant energy. Brining all sources...

Stay Strong Israel_edited.jpg

support for israel


Israel is America’s strongest and most reliable ally in the Middle East...

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Social security and medicare

save and strenghten

social security and Medicare are an important part of everyone’s plans...

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United States military

we owe them our freedom

In the last three years, Biden Democrats have put our military readiness...

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Contraceptives Are an Answer

Abortion is a serious issue that needs more than a two-word answer. 

Shooting a Highland .jpg

gun rights

A Constitutionally Protected Right

I am a gun owner.  I shoot trap and have guns for protection.  I will always protect...

American Dream.jpg

the american dream

for first time homebuyers and veterans

Our children have been through a lot in the last few years. Disrupted lives, stunted employment opportunities and now...

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