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Contraceptives are an answer

Abortion is a serious issue that needs more than a two-word answer. 

I am pro-life because I think that life is precious.  But I believe that the goal should be safe, legal, and rare, not criminal.  I don’t want young parents forced to either have an unwanted child or be forced to make a terrible choice.  For me the answer is to make contraceptives readily available and inexpensive.  

Contraceptive methods have made enormous strides over the past decades.  They are no longer restricted to daily pills. Some last for 3 years, 5 years, even 10 years and are not just hormonal. I want to make it easy for couples to find the method that works best for them and to use it.  Preventing pregnancy with contraceptive use is without a doubt the best course of action.  

Of course, nothing is full proof. So, of course, I believe in exceptions.  But with a diligent use of contraceptives, those exceptions should be rare. 


That’s my goal. 

I am the mother of a still born child born in the eighth month. Contrary to what zealots would have you believe; he was not just a collection of cells. He was a little boy. He is my son, and his name is William.  I could never condone a policy that permits abortions in the last 4 months of a pregnancy, if both the child and the mother are healthy.  To rip a baby into easily disposable chunks is barbaric. 

As a result, I reject the radical policy of my opponent that advocates for abortions up to the moment of birth.  I urge you to reject it, too. 


Motherhood is full of joy!

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