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Social security

save and strengthen  

I am a financial advisor. I help my clients prepare for retirement. This is what I know, social security and Medicare are an important part of everyone’s plans.  

The truth is that approximately 50% of our seniors depend on social security as their only source of income. Without it they would live in poverty and/or dependent on others.  


Saving and strengthening it is a necessity. We must act now before our retirees are faced with diminished benefits.

Medicare is also critically important to our seniors. It must be well funded and able to provide the necessary medical care of every senior. 

That is the philosophy with which I will look at any of the many solutions that will be proposed to fix its underfunded status. It must be strengthened. Our nation made a promise to our seniors, they have contributed to our country throughout their lifetime, and I will fight each day to honor that promise and preserve the benefits they have earned. 

Sadly, my opponent in all his years in the Senate has done nothing to strengthen social security. He prefers to scare our seniors by falsely attacking his opponents at election time. As a result, it is on the brink of insolvency. He has been grossly irresponsible and negligent. 

To add insult to injury, when Medicare saved $280 billion through negotiations with pharmaceutical companies, he took the money to give to his climate cronies. He spent our senior’s money on EV subsidies, instead of leaving it in Medicare to strengthen it and reduce co-pays and premiums. 

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