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support for Israel


Israel is America’s strongest and most reliable ally in the Middle East.  They are a true democracy and we must remain their staunchest supporter in a dangerous world.

In my life I thought I would never see the disgusting displays of antisemitism that are disrupting our college campuses.  It is abhorrent.  Our enemies have colonized the liberal arts and twisted students’ values.  It must be rooted out and stopped. Federal aid can be used as a tool.

The terrorists that invaded Israel on October 7th and attacked innocent Jews with such soulless barbarity must be killed or captured and meet justice. 


Israel must know that the United States will give them the support and time they need to achieve that goal. We must support Israel with the arms and technology they need to permanently eliminate Hamas and the other Iranian proxies, so they may live again in peace and security.

Sanctions that have been proven to work must be reapplied.  The Western world must stop the threat of a nuclear armed Iran.

The Trump administration was successful in developing mutually beneficial partnerships between Middle East countries.  We must restart the Abraham Accords.

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