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United States military

we owe them our freedom

In the last three years, Biden Democrats have put our military readiness and strength on the backburner, canceling and delaying ships that are already in the pipeline and refusing to authorize any additional ones. 


On the other side of the world, China’s military is bigger and better equipped and manned. The CCP is expanding its capabilities at a breakneck pace. They are rapidly expanding their nuclear arsenal and today their Navy dwarfs ours. They continue to add aircraft carriers to their fleet and use it to menace and harass our allies.

This is unacceptable.

We must rebuild our military. That begins with: 

  • Eliminating the woke culture. 

  • Renewing the warrior spirit.  

  • Improving the pay and living conditions for active-duty servicemen. 

  • Improving GI bill benefits to increase recruitment by rewarding those who put themselves in harm’s way for our country.  

  • Expanding the size of the Navy’s fleet and adding to our aircraft.

  • Investing in modern weapons platforms.

It means prioritizing America’s readiness and if we deploy our servicemen, we must do so only with the knowledge of why we go, that it benefits us or our allies, and that we have clearly defined conditions for victory.

No more endless wars that empty our treasury and result in the deaths or injury of our soldiers. 

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