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FEDERAL SPENDing/inflation

stop deficit spending

The federal government is adding $1 trillion to our national debt every 100 days. It is unsustainable. We must rein in spending immediately, before this ticking time bomb explodes.

My opponent has spent his time in office spending on his ideological enthusiasms without a responsible thought about our ability to pay for all the subsidies he has bestowed on his climate cronies.

The Inflation Reduction Act was, in reality,  a relentless list of giveaways to the Climate Industrial Complex.  Massive amounts of money went to environmental groups in exchange for their full-throated support of environmental destruction.  Generous subsidies were given to support electric vehicle manufacturers and buyers.  Even more subsidies were provided for battery research companies, most owned by foreign companies. Our money was shoved in the balance sheets of offshore wind and solar field developers, again most of whom are foreign owned.  This list is long and expensive!

Here is the dirty secret.  The money to pay for all that spending does not exist!  It was printed from thin air and is the primary reason for the inflation that is eroding our quality of life and financial well-being.

The one good thing that came from the Inflation Reduction Act was the ability of Medicare to negotiate drug prices. The savings are $280 billion. My opponent didn’t leave it in the Medicare system to lower our monthly premium or copays.  He grabbed $240 billion and, you guessed it, gave it to his climate cronies in the form of more subsidies. Doesn’t he care about our seniors? About their quality of life? About their financial wellbeing?  The answer is NO!


I will use this guide.  If we know that the money we are spending comes from our adversaries, is the spending justified.  Is the juice worth the squeeze?

That means I will vote to fund our priorities.  Social security, Medicare, our military and infrastructure.  Other spending must prove they provide a value that makes the spending worthwhile.


We must choose between ‘must haves’ and ‘nice-to-haves”. To continue deficit spending, puts our country’s future in jeopardy. 

Would you rather spend on bike paths (as my opponent has done) or potholes?  It’s about priorities. Our government has grown too big and consumes an ever-larger share of our money.

Reducing wasteful, abusive spending and putting the brakes on the inflation it causes will be my priority!

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