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pursue abundant energy policy

Stop crushing cost/environmental destruction

I will pursue a policy of abundant energy.  Bringing all sources into our energy mix to bring down costs and protect our natural environments.

Inflation has been ravaging our household budgets.  Official data cites a three-year combined increase of 20%. For everyday Rhode Islanders that’s the equivalent of taking a 20% pay cut.  Our money just isn’t going as far as it used to.


Sadly, that doesn’t really tell the whole truth, because that inflation figure includes the cost of automobiles, rents, and clothing. Hardworking Rhode Islanders have long since stopped that discretionary spending! 


However, the things we buy every week: food, gas for our cars, electricity and heat have risen by a great deal more. 

We don’t need the federal government to tell us how much it has hurt.  It is painful to go grocery shopping, even after we have given up the ‘special’ dishes.  Gas is on the way back up and we will have to give up other things to pay for it.  Our electricity rate continues to bring monthly misery as we suffer with the 2nd highest rate in the country.  Too many families are struggling to pay the bills and there is no relief in sight.

My opponent’s ‘War of Fossil Fuels’ is hurting every one of us. He promised that it would be cheaper, it isn’t.  In truth, his prescription has funneled $ millions to his wife, their joint banking accounts and to his campaign; while at the same time, we have had to run up our credit cards, drain savings and accept a lower quality of life.  His climate agenda is benefiting him, but hurting everyday Rhode Islanders.

It's not just the soaring cost of everything we buy that is a problem.  The environmental destruction is alarming.  Thousands of acres of woodlands have been clear cut and covered with ugly solar panels, that only provide intermittent and unreliable electricity at 3 times the cost of natural gas.

Our most valuable fishing grounds are soon going to be spoiled and ruined by hundreds of wind turbines.  The impact on our fishing and tourist industries will be devastating.  Our beautiful ocean vistas will be filled with unsightly turbines. Again, the electricity will only flow when the wind is blowing and will be many times more expensive. 


The environmental destruction cannot be justified. It is indefensible, unwarranted and extremely costly, both monetarily and to natural habitats.

Today’s renewable technology cannot fuel modern society. All it will do is destroy our economy and our jobs with it.  If we continue to go down this path, our quality of life will be devastated.  We have time to develop better, more reliable methods. Subjugating our economy, our electric grid and our future prosperity to China is the wrong path forward.

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