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gun rights

A constitutionally protected right

I am a gun owner.  I shoot trap and have guns for protection.  I will always protect the rights of law-abiding citizens to possess and use guns. 

Despite having once been an attorney, it appears my opponent didn’t spend any time studying the Constitution. He wants to restrict/remove our rights.  He relentlessly attacks the U S Supreme Court, trying to bully them into ruling for ownership restrictions.  And he must be stopped.

Homicides committed with guns are not gun violence. They are crimes.  A recent study of data from Rhode Island revealed that 85% of the homicides involving a gun were gang and drug related.  Instead of Defunding the Police, we should give them the trust and resources they need to pursue these criminals and keep our neighborhoods safe.  All Rhode Islanders should be able to defend themselves with a gun for those times when a police officer isn’t close by. 

The other tragic loss of life is through suicides.  These sad deaths are not due to guns, they are a much larger societal problem, which we must acknowledge and seek to change.  The radical Left has forced ideologies into our schools that blame our children for slavery, for a changing climate, for all the problems of the world.  They have pursued an ideology that attacks the nuclear family, that discourages church attendance and faith, and substitutes government for family. They spread their destructive agenda through social media and perverse school curricula. No wonder too many children suffer depression, anxiety, and aloneness.  Our children need us, to not only protect their innocence, but also to encourage strong families and a sense of purpose and belonging. 


Restricting gun ownership has nothing to do with that problem. 

My pledge is to always fight for our Constitutional rights... All of them! 

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