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Over the past three years more than 11 million illegal immigrants have entered our country. Unbelievably, instead of working with his buddy Joe Biden to stem the flow, my opponent has advocated for more immigration.  How much is enough for him?  I know I have had enough. And hardworking Rhode Islanders have had enough, too.

The federal government admits that they have spent $20 billion on the massive influx.  However, that is not the only cost.  How much of the huge increases in rents can be attributed to their arrival?  How much have wages been affected as illegal aliens have undercut American workers? How much have state governments paid for Medicaid, schools and welfare benefits?

I will work to close the border: 

  • Finish the wall. The $11 billion one-time cost is a fraction of what taxpayers are now spending annually. 

  • Demand that laws already on the books are enforced.

  • Reinstate the Remain in Mexico policy.

  • Use our trade leverage to secure the cooperation of our neighboring countries to stop the flow of illegal aliens to our border.

These policies worked before. With responsible leaders, they will work again!

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